AIHRC carried out its important and effective activities in the area of protection, monitoring and promotion of human rights all over the country based on the current laws including the Law on the Structure, Duties and Mandates of the AIHRC, and in accordance with its Five-year Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan.

All the activities and functions were implemented within 12 months based on the objectives set out in the Strategic and Action Plans. Therefore, the present report reviews the activities and achievements made by AIHRC during 12 months (from the 1st of Jadi 1394 to the end of Qaws 1395).

The main sources of most of the information contained in this report is the monthly reports received from the regional and provincial offices as well as the 6-month report of the AIHRC. Research and thematic reports, weekly and special reports prepared by various offices of the AIHRC as well as information obtained from database of the AIHRC are among other sources used in the preparation of this report.

The figures and statics used in the thematic and special reports published independently have not been included in this report in order to prevent making it voluminous. The research and thematic reports are available on the website of the AIHRC, and the readers can directly refer to them.

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