Daily Reports View:133 :2015-10-28

Condolence from Ain o Salish Kendra, Bangladesh

28 October 2015

Dr. Sima Samar
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC)
House No. 258, Chamcha-Mast 3rd street,
Pole-Sorkh, Kabul-Afghanistan

Dear Sima Samar,

I personally as well as on behalf of Ain o Salish Kendra, Bangladesh express deepest
condolence on the death of two staff members of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights
Commission (AIHRC) and injury of six other members.

We are immensely shocked over the roadside bomb blast in Jalalabad City on 26 October
2015. ASK strongly condemns the targeted  killing of AIHRC members and calls on the
concerned Afghan authorities to carry out an immediate, thorough and impartial investigation
into the attack, with a view to publishing the results and bringing those who are responsible
to justice in accordance with international standards.

We hope that you and AIHRC colleagues will be able to recover from this irreparable loss
and continue your courageous efforts to promote and protect human rights in Afghanistan.

We stand beside you at this difficult time.

Sultana Kamal
Executive Director

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)
7/17, Block-B, Lalmatia
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Phone: 02-8100192, 8100195, 8100197
Fax : 02-8100187
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.askbd.org