Press Release View:66 :2017-08-13

Attack on prayers in the Chah-Ab district of Takhar province


Press release


AIHRC strongly condemns the attack on the prayers in Dar Al-Ulum School in the Chah-Ab district of Takhar province in which a number of prayers were killed with heavy and light weapons. AIHRC expresses its concern over the increase of attacks on holy places.

Attack on the mosques, payers and civilian population is a brutal, hideous, inhuman and illegal act that is explicitly against the instruction of the holy religion of Islam, the rules of International Humanitarian Law and national laws.

AIHRC calls on the Afghan government, and in particular the country's security forces, to prosecute the perpetrators as soon as possible, and bring them to justice and take necessary measures to disarm irresponsible gunmen, and spare no effort to protect the lives of Afghan citizens and try to guarantee the safety of citizens in the country.