Press Release View:65 :2017-08-13

Ten civilians were killed in Haska Mena district of, Nangarhar Province


Press release


AIHRC strongly condemns the killing of civilians happened as result of an airstrike by Decisive Support  Missions, in Heseka Mena district of Nangarhar Province. In this airstrike 10 civilians, including women and children were martyred. AIHRC expresses its concern over the increase in civilian casualties.

Targeting civilians is a brutal, hideous, inhumane, and illegal act that is explicitly in conflict with the holy religion of Islam, IHL and national laws.

AIHRC calls on the Resolute Support Mission to take full account of civilian population and civilian places during their airstrikes and try to avoid targeting civilians and residential homes, and try to fully comply with the IHL, and identify the perpetrators of the case. And provide a fair compensation to the victims of the incident.

AIHRC urges the Afghan government, and particularly the relevant security forces, to investigate into the case, and bring the perpetrators to justice, and try to carry out airstrikes in a careful manner in order to avoid hurting innocent civilians, and ensure security of the Afghan citizens all over the country.