Press Release View:125 :2017-08-21

About the incident in Balkh province

Press release


AIHRC expresses its concern over the continuation of violence and human rights abuses against Afghan citizens in the country.

AIHRC calls on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to fulfil its duties and obligations in accordance with international human rights conventions, the Constitution and provisions of other laws of the country, toward observance and protection of human rights of Afghan citizens in order to ensure justice and legality in the country.

Likewise, AIHRC urges the Afghan government, and in particular the justice and judiciary organs to investigate into the incident of Balkh in a transparent, fair, and impartial manner, without any political, ethnic or other considerations, and publicly share the result of its investigation with the Afghan citizens, so that, justice would be implemented regarding this incident and other incidents in the country, and the security and safety of the lives of the citizens would be ensured in the country.