Press Release View:120 :2017-08-26

Extrajudicial killing and flogging of 2 women and 2 men in Badakhshan province


Press release


AIHRC while strongly condemning the shooting of a man and a woman by the anti-government armed groups in Daraeem district of Badakhshan province, and the flogging of a man and a woman in another incident in Raghestan district of Badakhshan province, expresses its concern over the increase of extrajudicial trials in the country.

Extrajudicial shooting and public flogging of people is an inhuman and illegal act that is explicitly in contravention of the holy religion of Islam, international human rights law and the applicable law of the country.

AIHRC strongly urges the anti- government armed groups to end its extra-judicial trials as soon as possible and avoid committing further crimes and try to respect the principles and values of human rights of citizens.

AIHRC calls on the Afghan government, and especially, the country's security forces, to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of this incident as soon as possible, and to protect the lives of Afghan citizens and do not spare any kind of effort in this regard, and prevent the occurrence of summary trials in the country