Press Release View:122 :2017-09-06

Condemning suicide attack in Second MacroRyan in Kabul City

Press release

AIHRC while strongly condemns the suicide attack in MacroRyan, in which a number of civilian were killed and injured, expresses its concern about the increasing of civilian casualties.

Targeting civilians and residential areas are an explicit violation of International Humanitarian Law, human rights standards and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam.

AIHRC calls on anti-government armed groups to stop targeting civilians and public spaces and try to respect the provisions of IHL and avoid targeting innocent and defenseless civilians. 

AIHRC urges the government, especially the security forces to identify the perpetrators of these crimes and bring them to justice, and provide a fair compensation for the victims and spare no efforts and attempts to safeguard people’s lives.



7 29/8/2017 1396