Press Release View:136 :2017-10-21

Suicide attacks in Paktia province



AIHRC while strongly condemning the suicide attacks in Gardez City of Paktia Province, which killed 20 civilians and wounded more than 110 people, expresses its concern about the increase in civilian casualties.

Targeting civilians is an illegal and inhuman act that is explicitly in conflict with the holy religion of Islam, national laws, and international humanitarian law.

AIHRC calls on anti-government armed groups to avoid loss among civilians and damaging civilian property and try to respect the international humanitarian law (the principle of, proportionality, precaution, and distinction) and bring an end to repeated committing of war crimes.

AIHRC also calls on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, especially the country's security and defense forces, to ensure security, and safeguard the lives and property of the people of Afghanistan, and try to identify the perpetrators of such crimes and bring them to justice, and provide the necessary assistance to the victims of the incident.