Press Release View:210 :2017-11-05

Press release on the request of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor for obtaining permission to begin an investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan


Kabul, November 4, 2017


The International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, called for a judicial authorization to investigate the situation in Afghanistan. This statement and request by the ICC Prosecutor to address serious cases of human rights violations and victims' rights, is very promising and can help ensure justice and enhance accountability in conflict-stricken Afghanistan.

AIHRC considers the emphasizes of the ICC Prosecutor on the protection of victims' rights, and the supplementary role of the International Criminal Court, very important, and hopes that the activities of this international body, as stated in the statement, could address the crimes committed and prevent the perpetration of further crimes in the country; and improve the Afghan government's capacity to deal with crimes against humanity, war crimes, and gross violations of human rights.

AIHRC believes that in order to end the culture of impunity, prosecute the perpetrators of crimes and provide justice for victims, upholding justice and the use of all national and international mechanisms, including the International Criminal Court, is a basic need and an issue of great importance.

As a member of the Rome Statute, Afghanistan has the competence and responsibility as set forth in the Statute of the International Criminal Court; to cooperate and assist the ICC in the implementation of the Rome Statute concerning Afghanistan. This cooperation and assistance undoubtedly, in the present circumstances, and given the realities of the situation in Afghanistan, can provide the effective ground for ensuring justice and fairness, provide realization of human rights, enhance accountability, and prevent the further repetition of crimes in the country.

The role and support of the international community, especially the countries supporting Afghanistan is very important in ensuring security, observance and promotion of human rights. AIHRC is willing to cooperate with the government, Afghan people and civil society in order to ensure justice and end the culture of impunity; and support the actions aiming to address the crimes committed in the country.


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