Human Rights Situation of Person with Disabilities In 1394- 1395

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has been established under Article 58 of the Afghanistan Constitution. The Article explicitly states: "The government establishes the AIHRC to monitor and promote the observance of human rights in Afghanistan."

Article 21 of the Law on the Structure, Duties and Mandate of the AIHRC also stipulates that the AIHRC is required to have its own monitoring programs in various fields; accordingly, the AIHRC has its own Strategic and Annual Action Plan, which requires the PwDs Unit to protect the rights of persons with disabilities; to monitor the human rights situation of PwDs on a regular basis; and to this end, AIHRC has designed a specific monitoring form in cooperation with the Database Unit. The colleagues in PwDs Unit complete this forms in the field during the interviews made with the PwDs and their families. The findings are recorded in the database, and later on, this information is first analyzed in the SPSS program, and then discussed with government officials and those experts in the field and specific solutions and recommendations, in order to get out of the problems, are presented to the government relevant authorities.

As we know, 2.7% of the population of the country is made up of people with severe disabilities, which, unfortunately, is on the rise with the continuation of war and insecurity, and it requires the government take measures for the protection and rehabilitation of PwDs; because PwDs, in addition to universal legal protection, also need a range of special protections, and in order to be able to enjoy all their human rights, there must be adequate opportunities available and accessible to everyone, because people with different disabilities have different needs. For example, a physical handicap would have different requirements compared with a visually, hearing or mentally impaired person and people with other defects, and the governments should provide them with these requirements based on the Constitution and other laws.

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