Situation of the Right to Access Quality Health Services

Preparation and publication of the national inquiry entitled “Situation of the Right to Access Quality Health Services” is another success towards the achievement of the AIHRC’s national goals. Fortunately, this is the third report of the kind of national inquiry that is published by the AIHRC, after the reports on “Causes and Consequences of Shameful Tradition of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan” and “Causes and Grounds of Honor Killings in Afghanistan”. This report focuses on the situation of the right to access quality health services.

Based on the duties and mandates of AIHRC, the researches and findings of the existing challenges in the area of human rights situation are the important goal of the AIHRC. The outcomes of these findings along with the specific recommendations aimed at the improvement of the situation and elimination of the challenges as well as enlightening of public mentalities are published as a report in order to be handed over to the government and the international community.

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