National Inquiry report on Factors and causes of Rape and Honor Killing in Afghanistan

Spring – 1392



In most societies, gender inequality and discrimination are one of the most prominent factors for violence against women that has resulted in an unequal position of women in the society than that of men.  In Afghanistan, with regard to some undeniable facts that cause degradation of women in the society, and have affected part of their family and social life, we see that women are still faced with serious problems and various violence, and several cases of violence against women occur every day. A few of these cases are filed in the government institutions and civil institutions. Cases of honor killings and rape against women has been the most serious violations of human rights, and unfortunately a great range of the Afghan population is facing these kinds of accidents, as in recent years more people refer the commission to file so many incidences of such cases in the database of the. This phenomenon has become already a major problem for women in the country.

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