The Returnees

(An Overview of the Situation of Returnees in Afghanistan)



The issue of returnees in Afghanistan in the last few years has been one of the those issues to which many statistics and data have been attributed, but little attention has been paid however, to their living situation and their access to human rights. The returnees are regarded as a vulnerable group in the society, therefore a keen and thorough attention is needed to be paid to them. Given the high number of returnees, full attention should be paid to their living situation. With this in mind, the AIHRC has therefor, prepared the present report to comprehensively assess the situation. This report covers the year 1393 and a part of 1394. It assesses the general situation of the returnees during this period. Likewise, an overview of the relevant statistics and the situation of the returnees since 2002 until 2015 has been presented. This report will also find out the total amount of the services and assistance rendered to the returnees by the government.

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