Update to the Report of AIHRC and Open Society on Monitoring of NDS Facilities


Update to the Report of AIHRC and Open Society on Monitoring of NDS Facilities


Monitoring by the AIHRC conducted after December 2011 shows that the situation in the NDS facilities has improved in many provinces of the country,.


During three months after the completion of the final report, although there have been some concerns about alleged ill-treatment, but, no report of torture has been received in NDS facilities.


The AIHRC Special Investigation Team(ASIT) has continuously monitored the detention centers in Herat, Badakhshan, Gardez, Uruzgan, Kandahar and Helmand provinces, the result of which indicated an improvement in the detention centers all over the country.


However, the only exception in this area is NDS facility in Kandahar province. The result of the monitoring made by the AIHRC after November 2011 shows that cases of torture and ill-treatment has continued in this province. The AIHRC hopes that the present improvement obtained in the situation of NDS facilities will be expanded to Kandahar province also, and the recommendations presented in this report shall be implemented seriously.


After the completion of the report the AIHRC continued its regular monitoring to NDS facilities in all provinces, especially in the provinces where cases of ill-treatment and torture were registered in the interviews of detainees.


Though, not much time has passed since the completion of the report, the results of monitoring show improvement in the treatment of persons under detention in NDS facilities. For example, the AIHRC found out that detention centers in Heart Province experienced positive changes in terms of gaining access to detainees at NDS facilities by AIHRC’s monitors and improvement inside detention facilities, although, some problems such as lack of access to lawyers or access to family members are still considered to be a problem.

This improvement is considered as a major and encouraging step to be taken in the follow up of the cases in other provinces. For example, in Urozgan province, the Commission’s monitoring team didn’t receive any complaint of torture or ill-treatment of detainees by NDS officials. Only one of the detainees made a complaint about the conduct of the international forces during his arrest. He had been attacked and wounded by a dog unleashed by the international forces.


Similarly, the results of monitoring mission carried out by the Commission monitor to the NDS facility in Paktika province indicate that no case of torture has been witnessed in this center, though illegal acts such as arbitrary detentions and other ill-treatments have been reported.


The Commission’s monitoring team carried out regular monitoring missions to the NDS faicility in Badakhshan province. Except for the cases of misbehavior and ill-treatment obtained in Badakhshan province, no complaint has been received about torture. The AIHRC carried out continued monitoring missions to the NDS facility in Fariab province, but received no complaints about mistreatments of the detainees by the NDS officials. In contrary, there were complaints about mistreatments and beating of detainees by the police during the arrest and detention. Of course, access to a defense lawyer has been limited due to lack of defense lawyers. The Commission also carried out monitoring mission to NSD faicilty in Ghoor province, but no complaints were received.


Despite all the improvements made in most of NDS facilities all over the country, unfortunately no positive change has been witnessed in the NDS facility in Kandahar province, and the situation has been seen deteriorated. During the monitoring and interviews made by the Commission’s monitoring team 10 cases of torture and ill-treatments have registered. The tortures are incredibly identical to the tortures depicted in this report.


Acknowledging the progress made in the improvement of situation in NDS facilities the AIHRC hopes, that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and NDS would take serious measures with regard to the recommendations of this report by the Commission, in order to eliminate torture and fulfill justice against the perpetrators.