Annual Report 2020



Fortunately, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) successfully completed 2020, navigated challenges and seized opportunities to effectively implement its Action Plan. During the quarantine, the Commission was able to continue monitoring health centers, detention centers, file complaints and deal with relevant cases by developing effective strategies and finding creative solutions. Despite long-term restrictions and lockdown, the Commission was able to implement more than 80% of its Action Plan. The coordination and wise management between the Commission’s Regional Offices and the Headquarters let to an effective implementation of the Action Plan and significant achievements for the Commission.

Filing complaints of violence against women and children and follow up their cases, documenting serious cases of violence against women, referring cases to the judiciary, advocating for and protecting vulnerable children, introducing children to support institutions and providing opportunities for the reintegration of deported children, supporting people with disabilities and advocating for their rights have been the key activities carried out by the Commission in the area of advocacy and complaints registration.

Monitoring detention centers, monitoring the situation of border children, monitoring and documenting civilian casualties, interviewing victims, monitoring the implementation of Presidential Decrees on the pardon and commutation of sentence, monitoring health centers and Orphanages, safe houses, monitoring demonstrations and civil protests are the main activities carried out in the field of monitoring.

The Commission has always pursued its goals and objectives within the framework of its duties and mandates based on a strategic plan. In order to respect the principle of transparency and accountability and access to information, it has always prepared and published its annual reports, including financial expenditure reports. The Commission's annual reports are also available on the Commission's website. The present report reflects the activities and achievements of the Commission during 2020 carried out by the Central Office and 14 regional and provincial offices of the Commission.

This report has been prepared using a result-based approach, and in addition to the activities it has also attempted to mention the results and consequences. In this report, marginal and additional explanations have been avoided and the special attention has been paid to the key points of the achievements. According to the Commission's action plan, this report is categorized into three separate objectives and describes the activities carried out under each relevant objective. The report can clearly illustrate the Commission's performance over the year.

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