Joint Statement of the civil society organizations, civil and human rights activists of the West Zone against violence against women

In the name of God Almighty who has sent His curse upon the cruel tribes

Today, it is not a good day for Herat, a day of blood and murder, a day of pain and screams and tears. Herat’s heart is hurting. Herat’s historical identity and civilization has been questioned. Today, the ears, nose and lips of a Herati woman (a mother) are cut in front of her innocent children, and only its death pieces are witnessed by us. Today shame has fallen on the eyebrow of civilized identity of Heart, shocking brutality that cannot be screamed with any throats and horrific act that cannot be voiced by any language and shameful crime that cannot be defined with any words. Today we have come together to voice our protest, hatred and disgust against what has happened to an oppressed woman by a cruel man. Today we've gathered up to say no to any culture and social norms that is protecting and creating such inhumane acts of cruelty. Today we want to call unanimously that we should not let such cruel and inhumane incidents occur in Herat and in other cities of our country. Today is to call for justice and damn gender inequality, oppression and discrimination of any kind.

Therefore, we, the civil society activists and institutions voice our disgust and hatred against this terrific incident, and call upon the relevant legal authorities and organizations, national and international institutions to prosecute the case and bring the perpetrator of the crime to justice, and provide timely medical care for the victim.

Our demands:

  1. The Law on the Elimination of Violence against Women should be approved and implemented precisely without any changes in the provisions, across the country.

  2. We call upon all the institutions responsible for the realization of women rights and implementation of the Law on the Elimination of Violence against Women to make further efforts for the realization of women’s rights and implementation of The Law on the Elimination of Violence against Women. Likewise, we urge the security officials; especially the Security Police Chief of Herat, NDS and the authorities of Herat Province to arrest the perpetrator of this crime as soon as possible, and bring him to justice.

  3. The role of people’s participation in the implementation of the law is very important and valuable. The people can provide the ground for the implementation of the law with their active and potential participation and presence. Silence in the face of injustice, is a kind of contribution in the continuation of brutality, illegality and violence against women in the country. No longer should we pass by such incidents of injustice, violence and crime with indifferences and silence. We want the people to stand against injustice and do not let continuations of culture of impunity bring crime and injustice in our country.

  4. We ask the legislative bodies such as Parliament and the offices of international organizations in Afghanistan to treat cases of violence against women seriously, and take specific measure and policies against such cases.

  5. We call upon the scholars; national and local influential people and Clergymen not overlook such crimes and take a firm and clear stand against these criminal acts. Scholars and Clergymen’s part in preventing violence against women has always been profound and potential and this capacity should be widely used.