Daily Reports View:603 :2017-04-20

Formation of the Commission against Torture

Hussain Sirat

Following the formation of the Commission against Torture, the first meeting of this Commission was held on Monday, Hamal 28, 1396 (April 17, 2017) under the chairpersonship of Dr. Sima Samar, the Chairperson of Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission. Based on the provisions of Article 11 of the Law against Torture, this Commission has been established to prevent torture and follow up torture-related cases in the country.

Dr. Sima Samar, Chairperson of the AIHRC and Chairperson of the Commission against Torture, said in the opening remarks of the first meeting of the Commission: "Torture is absolutely prohibited. Freedom from torture is inviolable and inalienable human right that cannot be suspended under any circumstances. No exceptional circumstances, such as insecurity, war, political instability or any other emergency situation, can be considered a justification for torture.

The members of the Commission against Torture also stated in this session that "the enforcement of Law against Torture and the formation of Committee against Torture is a good achievement toward creating legal and practical guarantees for the prevention of torture, prosecuting of perpetrators and protection of victims.  Although cases of torture and torture statistics have declined in recent years, but our goal is the complete eradication of torture, and Commission against torture will continue its endeavor for achieving this purpose. 

Based on Article 12 of the Law against Torture, this commission is mandated to monitor detention centers, follow up and address cases of torture in judiciary organs, develop educational programs to give awareness to the officers of detective organ, conduct research on the prohibition of torture, register cases of torture, including determining the identity of the perpetrator and the victims.

According to the decision of the first meeting of the Commission against Torture the work on designing an Action Plan and procedures for the Commission will be started very soon, and will be discussed in the next meeting.