Job Announcement: Communications and Advocacy Advisor/Lead

Job Announcement

Vacancy number: (95)

Job Title: Communications and Advocacy Advisor/Lead  

Location: Central Office

Number of positions: "1"

Deadline for application: 30 April 2020


About AIHRC:




AIHRC is a national human rights institution (NHRI) under the Paris Principles. Established in Article 58 of Afghanistan’s constitution, with its precise structure, duties and mandate detailed in AIHRC Law (Law 3471), AIHRC’s mission is to protect and promote the human rights of all Afghans regardless of ethnicity, region, gender or political affiliation. An independent NHRI, AIHRC receives funding from international donors, philanthropic foundations, and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA). In 2019, the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) sub-committee on accreditation (SCA) re-accredited AIHRC with ‘A’ status. ‘A’ status is awarded to NHRIs fully compliant with the Paris Principles; specifically, AIHRC was found to have fulfilled the criteria of: ‘a broad mandate, based on universal human rights norms and standards; autonomy from government; independence guaranteed by statute or constitution; pluralism; adequate resources; and adequate powers of investigation’[1].


In 2019, nine new Commissioners were appointed, including a new Chairperson. The Commissioners demonstrate breadth and depth of human rights experience across AIHRC’s principal thematic areas: human rights education, ombudsman, research, women’s rights, children’s rights, persons with disabilities, special investigations and monitoring and investigation. AIHRC is an NHRI protecting and promoting human rights in the context of one of the world’s deadliest conflicts; annually, Afghanistan has over 10,000 civilian casualties. It is the deadliest conflict in the world for children.



Major Duties and Responsibilities:


The Communications Lead will have the following responsibilities and duties:


  1. Focal point: The CL is the focal point for all communications and advocacy engagement, including coordination with media, telecommunications companies, in-person events.


  1. Stakeholder mapping: The CL will produce a stakeholder mapping of a variety of groups and individuals essential to achieving the project’s objectives. 


  1. Influencing and messaging: The CL is responsible for influencing a variety of stakeholders, with the aim of meeting the project’s objectives, and for designing messages and communications tools to support this influencing work.


  1. Results dissemination: Strategies, plan and implement the results dissemination campaign.


  1. Monitoring and evaluation: Consistently monitor and evaluate the impact of messaging through analytical reports and oral feedback.  


  1. Build relationships: Maintain and develop good working relationships with telecommunications companies, social media companies to explore possibilities of disseminating results through mobile campaigns, social media, as well as with all stakeholders identified as important to meeting the project’s objectives.


  1. Briefings: Provide exclusive briefings to select national and international media outlets for special articles/productions on transitional justice. 


  1. Transitional Justice Ecosystem: Encourage and support others’ in their communications and policy work on transitional justice by providing ideas, briefings and other material.


Key Responsibilities and Duties  


  1. Communications strategy and action plan;
  2. Development of specific communications products for targeted audiences;
  3. Coordinating with media outlets, telecommunications companies and others for media placements and development of TJ material;
  4. Providing briefings to select stakeholders, and encouraging further policy-work on transitional justice;
  5. Planning and carrying out the dissemination of results and report launch.


Job Requirements:


The ideal candidate will be a creative thinker with a track record of developing and implementing communications and advocacy campaigns. In addition, commitment to AIHRC’s values is a must. Specifically, candidates with the following qualifications and experience are encouraged to apply:


  1. At least three years of experience in developing and implementing communications and advocacy campaigns either nationally or locally and/or working closely with a variety of stakeholders; e.g. policy-makers, government officials, civil society, NGOs etc.
  2. Experience of working with media;
  3. Useful educational qualifications include journalism, media studies, film, political science, and languages.
  4. Ability to produce campaign materials in Dari and/or Pashto;
  5. Professional experience in broadcast/print journalism is a bonus.  


Submission Guideline:


AIHRC recruits a staff member as a Communications and Advocacy Advisor/Lead for transitional justice its HQ who meets the above conditions. Interested candidates are requested to download and complete the request form and send it along with their CVs by e-mail to the Director of HR at the email address below by 30 April, 2020.




AIHRC is a recruiting entity that considers equal opportunities and is committed to the principles of non-discrimination and gender equality.

Priority will be given to women.


Only those shortlisted would be called for the interview.




With respect


Human Resources Department of the AIHRC