Press Release View:186 :2017-12-31

Suicide attack on Awa News Agency in Kabul


Press release

AIHRC while, strongly condemns the suicide attack on Awa News Agency, in which a large number of civilians were killed and wounded, expresses its deep concern over the increase of attacks on civilian population.

The attack on the news agencies, civilians and public facilities is a brutal, inhuman and illegal act that is contrary to Islam values and provisions of international humanitarian law and national law.

AIHRC calls on the anti-government armed groups to avoid targeting news agencies, civilians and public buildings, and try to fully respect and comply with the provisions of international humanitarian law, and stop committing further war crimes and violation of human rights of Afghan citizens.

AIHRC calls on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and justice and security organs of the country to identify the perpetrators of the crime and bring them to justice, and spare no attempt to secure the lives of the citizens.