Press Release View:282 :2018-01-28

Armed attack on Save the Children Office in Jalalabad

Press Release


The AIHRC strongly condemns the armed and suicide attack on the Safe Children Office in Nangarhar Province, which has caused the deaths and injuries of a number of civilians, and expresses its concern about the attack on public institutions.

The attack on civilians, public institutions, is a brutal, inhuman and illegal act that is explicitly against the instructions of the holy religion of Islam, international humanitarian law and national law.

AIHRC calls on the anti-government armed groups to stop targeting civilians and public institutions, and try to respect the provisions of IHL, and avoid further war crimes and crime against humanity.

AIHRC urges the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the judicial institutions, security and intelligence agencies to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of the case, and to ensure the security of public institutions in a better way, so that these institutions would be able to provide services for Afghan people without any fear and problems, likewise, the government should provide the victims with the necessary services.