Press Release View:260 :2018-01-28

Suicide attack carried out in the Sadarat Crossroads of Kabul City

Press release


AIHRC strongly condemns the suicide attack on the Sadarat Crossroad in Kabul City, causing a large number of civilians to be killed and wounded, and expresses its deep concern over the increase of suicide attacks in Kabul City. The attack on civilians, facilities and public places is a brutal, inhuman and illegal act that is in direct contrast with the holy religion of Islam, IHL and national law.

AIHRC calls on anti-government armed groups to stop targeting civilians, infrastructures and public places, and try to respect the standards of IHL, and avoid further war crimes and human rights violations in the country.

AIHRC urges the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the judicial and security organs as well as the intelligence agencies in the country to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of the crime, and spare no attempt to ensure the security of the citizens of the country, and provide the necessary services for the victims of the incident.