Press Release View:282 :2018-02-05

Mortar landed in a residential home in Helmand Province

Press release


The AIHRC while condemning firing mortars on residential home in the Marja District of Helmand province, which killed four members of the family and wounded three others, expresses its concern over the increase in civilian casualties.

Targeting residential homes and civilians is inhumane and illegal act, which is explicitly contrary to the holy religion of Islam, international humanitarian law and national law.

AIHRC calls on the parties involved in the armed conflict to respect, observe and implement international humanitarian principles in a comprehensive manner, and to carry out military operations in full precision, and try to avoid hitting civilian targets and causing civilian casualties.

AIHRC calls on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the judicial institutions, security and intelligence agencies to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of the case, and to ensure the security of the citizens of the country and spare no attempt and effort to provide the necessary services to victims of the incident.