AIHRC Discussion Paper on Women’s Rights 6 June 2021

AIHRC Discussion Paper on Women’s Rights

6 June 2021


Women’s rights are one of the main areas of concern in the current peace negotiations between the Islamic Republic of the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban. Afghan women have suffered tremendously in Afghanistan’s violent conflicts and have paid a heavy price. After the fall of the Taliban government, they fought hard to gain equality and secure their basic human rights. They have made great progress on this path and, while they desperately long for peace, they are fearful that women’s human rights could be a casualty in the peace process. An agreement to protect women’s rights should be an important cornerstone of the ongoing peace negotiations, acknowledging that it is a prerequisite for an inclusive, democratic and stable society.   

The AIHRC, an independent body mandated to uphold the protection of human rights in Afghanistan, deems it important to set out its position on women’s human rights in the context of the peace process. We also hope both negotiating teams consider this as a discussion paper requesting them to take into consideration the situation of women in Afghanistan, their aspirations and demands, and to address them in the peace process and beyond.

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