The Asia Pacific Forum: Advancing human rights in our region

The Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (APF) has been established in Darwin, Australia in 1996. This first regional meeting brought together the national human rights commissions of Australia, India, Indonesia and New Zealand, along with a number of regional governments and non-governmental organizations.
The Larrakia Declaration, adopted at the conclusion of that meeting, outlined two primary objectives for the new organization:

  •     to provide support to governments in the region to establish and develop national human rights institutions, and
  •     to expand mutual support, cooperation and joint activity among member institutions.

Since then, the APF has expanded rapidly to include members from across the breadth of the Asia Pacific region. Currently 15 NHRIs have full APF’s membership and seven associate members. Among others, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) enjoys full membership accredited with “A” Status.
The APF has been providing assistance to NHRIs enabling them to better undertake their mandate protecting and promoting human rights in their respective countries. Moreover, the range of service APF provides – including advice, training, capacity building, professional networks and staff exchanges.
APF’s contribution and impact on national and international levels cannot be summarized in few paras, we kindly invite you to view the video linked to the below electronic path for a broader illustration on the subject.